Gorgians of The Galaxy

Gorgians of the Galaxy, an epic display of gluttony starring some far out space women.

This is a downloadable image pack of galactic proportions! Well, maybe not nearly that big, but the fine ladies represented sure are.

This is for you nerds out that like Marvel, X-men, Guardians of The Galaxy, and most of all fat ladies, all in a beautiful five image pack.

We've got
-Jean Grey
-Kitty Pryde
-Nova (You know, the herald one that gets mistaken for a DC character)
-Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers flavor)
-Phyla-vell/Quasar/another Captain Marvel/whatever name she's going by now (At least it isn't Sprite)
-The finisher is Thanos getting defeated (again) by a mystery combatant!

All of these images are going to be at LEAST 1500 pixels high (and much wider). I've also included wallpaper verions of each minus their speech balloons at 1920x1020.

The Bundle is only FIVE DOLLARS, but you can pay more if you want (it would be greatly appreciated). I put a lot of work into it, and I certainly think it shows. That's a dollar each!

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16.34MB ZIP Download

USD 5.00

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