Tomb Waddler

tomb raider erotic parody tomb waddler bbw comic

Welcome to TOMB WADDLER:
This is an erotic/fetish parody psudo-comic of Tomb Raider 2013. Lara Croft lands on a deserted island after her boat is destroyed by a freak storm. It is very much not the island from the game. There are no crazed mercenary cultists, they have been replaced with... more food supplies? Huh? What kind of goddess would rule over this island?

There are plenty of supply cases to be found by Lara, you know, just like in the game, but more numerous and less nutritious.

Obesity ensues.

Samantha and Joslyn show up.

Further obesity ensues.

This thing is 12 pages long, it starts out multi-panel and ends with multiple figure spreads. Not a traditional comic by any means.

Bonus material: sketches that didn’t made the cut, but were drawn because I AM SO IDLE MINDED.

This thing is pretty awesome, everything is fully colored and cel shaded. I am proud of this and want/need your moneys!

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