Inaba Weigh Inn

Welcome to Inaba.

After solving a string of murders and graduating high school, Yukiko resolves to stay and run her family's inn.

Somehow she learned how to cook, with stupendous results.

What's inside:
-12 page full color comic featuring Yukiko, Chie, Rise, Noato, and Mitsuru (of p3!)
-4 Absurdly sized NSFW pinups (the ladies, not the files)
-Guest contributions from
and Babylon-15-DL

Enjoyment of the original game isn't quite required to enjoy this Pudgy Parody.

One last thing, if you could please not post this on places like image boards, I would sincerely appreciate it. I can't stop you from sharing with each other, but it isn't the easiest time for me financially.

Thanks for coming, looking, and potentially enjoying Inaba Weigh Inn!

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